LES 2020 Annual Meeting

October dates for the virtual 2020 LES Annual Meeting to be announced soon!

Today’s licensing professionals need to understand the new technologies and how to structure deals to protect and commercialize them. Being informed about these new technologies from legal and business perspectives is a must for the licensing professional.

Join us for the 2020 LES Annual Meeting, Protecting and Commercializing Future Technologies — The Future is Now!  This virtual event features workshops, panels, peer-to-peer discussions, and networking aimed for attendees at all experience levels. The program is dedicated to protecting and commercializing technologies that were once the future and that are now omnipresent.

Keynote Speakers Announced

Fabian Gonell

Fabian Gonell
Senior Vice President, Licensing Strategy and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm


Dr. Daria Mochly-Rosen
Professor, Stanford University and founder and director of The SPARK Program

Join the discussion about these topics:

Commercializing Big Data and Machine Learning Networks

Design Protection on Emerging Technologies

Forces Majeur — Commercializing Technologies in an Era of Trade Wars, Nationalization, Regional Conflicts, and Climate Change

Addressing (Un)foreseeable Problems in Commercializing Nanosensors and Nanoparticles

Negotiating Liability and Indemnification in an Era of Robotic and Computer-Assisted Medicine, Autos and Product Design

Emerging Technologies Poised to Change the Energy Industry

Understanding and Exploiting Secondary Markets for High Tech, Life Sciences and Other Technologies